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    Hey all new guy here. I was referred by DeeDay. Im a painting contractor and was painting his house last year. We got to talking when I saw his bikes in his garage so I reached out to him to see if he would take a look at one I am thinking of getting and here I am!! Was hoping he would come with me to look at it but he is no longer in the state. I bought my first bike when I was 17, a 72 wide glide shovel head rode that for a decade and decided to get something newer, worst mistake I made!!! Anyway ran through numerous other new bikes but have always wanted an older pan and I have a chance to pick this one up. Hoping for your thoughts on it and anything specific that would scare you away from it. Also would be interested in what $$ you would think its worth. Titled as a 57 custom build. I am planning on going today to look at it and take it for a ride. So I can take me pics and post if need be!! Thanks in advance for any info.
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    Not sure why my first response didn't show up. Welcome to this crazy obsession. I am sure that the guys here that are much more knowledgeable then me will chime in on values, but I think a bike like that would be worth around 6 to 7,000 +- depending on a couple things. From the pic it looks like it is a pieced together repop bike, which is great if you are looking for an inexpensive rider. I noticed that special construction bikes are more difficult to sell, even for lower prices. I personally will pay more for a HD titled bike that may need some more work then a special construction that has all new bits and pieces on it.
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    Re: New guy

    It is a cool looking ride.

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    looks like a fun rider quality bike, but the value will be very low as it it mostly repop parts.
    i would buy it for 7k tops as the resale value will always be low.
    it would probably be a great bike to ride & enjoy, but not to even think about restoring, it would cost a fortune.

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    Also would be interested in what $$ you would think its worth. Titled as a 57 custom build.
    Original panheads with all the original factory parts sell in the $14k to $18k range depending on condition.
    A custom build is a collection of reproduction parts with minimal value.
    Describe what you want and your motivation and we can provide advice.

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    Re: New guy

    Hi Greg and what panhead says and Describe what you want and your motivation and your budget. study up. Do your research. Also plan on attending the Viking AMCA chapter swap meet June 14-16 at the Minnesota state fair grounds. I usually go on Friday as there's another show on Saturday I like to ride my knuckle to.

    There you can network. Meet the local panhead fanatics. And the panhead Facebook pages are a good source. Also there's always some quality panheads at the Davenport swap meet the weekend before Labor day.
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    Thanks for the replys. I passes on that one. I don't another one and will start a different thread.
    Thanks again for the warm welcome

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    welcome aboard

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