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Thread: generator woes

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    generator woes

    Whats the easiest way to diagnose a no charge on my 47fl, has stock 6 volt system. I have a generator light on and its only at battery voltage when running so I'm wondering what the easy way to diagnose it is?

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    Re: generator woes

    Check all connections and then look at relay points,if burned. They should close when revving up bike, if not manually close them and check voltage,if no increase check bushes and if ok then generator needs to be pulled and checked out.

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    Re: generator woes

    Every now and then, my '57's generator light stays illuminated after start up. Doesn't go out with normal increase in RPM. I turn the ignition switch to the 'Lights' position momentarily. For some reason (third brush pulled into the mix?) that starts the generator charging.
    Probably not your issue, but it's worth a shot.

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    I sent you a message.

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