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Thread: Package truck frame ID

  1. Package truck frame ID

    Can anyone identify this frame?

    VIN is 54M1083

    Based on the VIN it's a package truck frame, but it doesn't look like any I can find in pictures on the web. I'm confused how to mount the brake backing plate to it? I have no idea if this is a modified frame or not.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Package truck frame ID

    Heavily modified, for what reason who knows. You can see the stock spring mounting in this pic. None of those big plates exist.
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  3. Re: Package truck frame ID

    I figured it had to be modified. The strange thing is that I don't think the modification allowed the user to run a brake on it. If they reinforced it that heavily, I'd think that it would require a brake.

    Will a package truck, or a sidecar with passenger stop without the brake? If the sidecar brake stops like my pan/knuck front brakes do................then I'm guessing they don't add a lot of extra "stoppage."

    Thanks for the reply and picture. Very helpful.

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