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Thread: No vin # on case.

  1. No vin # on case.

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    Re: No vin # on case.

    It appears a replacement case was used but not stamped with the broken case vin yet.

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    Re: No vin # on case.

    I don’t usually know the differences and what’s stock/what’s not...usually have to spend some quality time with Palmers, but those two left sides have a lot of differences, is there a chance the built one is aftermarket?


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    Re: No vin # on case.

    That replacement case isnít even close. Buy a quality case from and have phil stamp the new case like the damage one. The damage case is original and good numbers as long as they are not already being used of course
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    Re: No vin # on case.

    40lutzag, welcome to the forum. What would you like to do with these cases? There is plenty of assistance available on this forum but as yet we donít know what your plan is. Can you elaborate please.

    Re the cases with no serial number, can you post more pictures of those cases. And do those cases have any markings/ID anywhere? If so can you post photos of them.

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