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Thread: Question on NOS seat post springs

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    Question on NOS seat post springs

    I need to replace all of the springs on my '49 WL seat post. I've seen plenty of NOS lower standard sets, are there any issues using these due to age? I'm trying to keep it all original but it is a rider so should I just use a set of Colony repops? What are your thoughts?
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    Re: Question on NOS seat post springs

    The NOS springs are fine, if you weigh less than about 160, otherwise you need the factory heavy duty ones. Do yourself a favor and get the colony ones and tune to your needs.
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    Re: Question on NOS seat post springs

    Thanks, Robbie. Yep, over 160. I'll just go with the Colony set. On the link bushing and pin, I've found the bushings on ebay but not the pin. Is that something olddude would have do you think or?

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