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    I like to ask for a little help. How do I know how to identify my distributor with the correct letter/number combination, since an awful lot of Autolite distributors are interchangable with so many different models. Obviously ,the long shaft distributors, 4-cyl., 841, and others would likely have different tag ID's.
    Is there any documentation available from Autolite sources or Indian data to confirm what should be on the proper model tag ?
    thanks, C2K

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    Try this website below:

    Good luck!


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    Milosmith- Thank you for the link to the Autolite data. I have most of that data regarding the generators. I guess I had forgotten that Steve Blancard had posted the distributor info along with the generator specs. The note about the cryptic letters and "possibly" a date code is an interesting comment. I'm sure there is enough there to ID the tag properly.
    Thanks again, C2K

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    Here is the best date code information that I have found. Some of it is repetitive, but here it is anyways.

    Auto-Lite Date Code information by Steven Bailey, on Flickr

    Auto-Lite date codes by Steven Bailey, on Flickr

    Auto-Lite date codes too by Steven Bailey, on Flickr

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    Thanks Yellow53Chief- This data sure spells out the data plate info quite well. Its no longer a mystery !!
    I will be logging this info into my files.
    Sincere appreciation here, Thanks !! C2K

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