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Thread: Front Brake Light Switch Blues.

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    Re: Front Brake Light Switch Blues.

    Quote Originally Posted by indianut View Post
    Sometimes I feel the need to FLASH my brakelight to alert the asshole behind me. That is why I disconnect the front one. If I need to stop fast I can flash the light. It works for me. Your Method May Vary.
    I agree 100%. My point was that the front brake light switch is unnecessary. Not having it lets you flash the light with the back brake as you mentioned.
    Besides that, anyone with any sense at all knows that you don't rely on the front brake alone. As long as you're using the back brake (lighting up the brake-light) there's no need for the front switch.
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    Re: Front Brake Light Switch Blues.

    I am a firm believer in safety equipment. A good working front brake light is mandatory.
    Anyway I bought one of those cheap generic switches and it never worked once. After screwing it in place and attaching the wires. the brake lever held the piston or plunger in place as it's supposed to, but it stayed there, even when applying the brakes. I removed it and found that either the cheap spring failed or the plastic piston failed. So I am still looking for where to buy a GOOD front brake light switch.
    Has anybody had one that lasted and held up and stayed working for any length of time? And also these switches are plug ins. It's the starter, turn, and horn switches that are soldered.
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