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Thread: Panhead rear exhaust header

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    Panhead rear exhaust header

    On a 2 into 1 system is the rear header the same on a rigid as on a swingarm frame? I see the part# is the same only the year designation changes 65493-48 and 65493-58.I have always been under the impression they are different bends, but i'm usually wrong. I need a rear header and don't want another part to throw in the uhoh pile.

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    Re: Panhead rear exhaust header

    I always thought the same way, but I compared the headers between my '55 and my wife's '65, and the shape between the 2 is subtly different. I'm not sure if the change was made because of the difference in the frames, or if it was changed to accommodate the difference in the "y" pipes from rigid to swing arm.

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    Re: Panhead rear exhaust header

    On a ridgid frame, there is an offset right after the rear pipe enters. On a swingarm frame the pipe is straight, this makes a difference in the way the muffler clears the rear axle as I recall. I got stuck with the straight one when I bought a complete set for one of my 51s, It worked, but it weren't right...
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    Re: Panhead rear exhaust header

    The rear pipe is different. Try Carl's for a correct type, he was making a good one a while back.
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    Re: Panhead rear exhaust header

    Thanks guys I thought they were different. I didn't see one on Carls site. I need one for a swingarm frame.

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    Re: Panhead rear exhaust header

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    Re: Panhead rear exhaust header

    thanks Mike. I'm only finding complete sets but I could be searching wrong.

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    nuklhd, I bought a 65493-58 thinking it might fit my '55 FL. it don't! Fits my buddy's '60 FL and his '65 Electra-Glide just fine. I'll sell it if you're interested. It's NOS; still has the part number sticker probably from the late sixties. Call me. Dave 954-802-4307

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    I purchased a front and rear pipe plus the y pipe for my 47 knuckle from Gasbox, they are the folks that took over Corso's line, or at least it seems that way. Surprised that the pipes fit really well with no modifications, which is more than I can say for a lot of the aftermarket exhausts I've fought with. Might give them a buzz and see what they offer for swingarm bikes.

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    Re: Panhead rear exhaust header

    thanks dave and mike. Dave i'll call soon, i'm interested in the rear pipe.

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