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    oil filter

    I cleaned out an external oil filter from my 59FLH that probably hasn't been opened since the sixties. the element inside was one of the horse hair kind. I have a couple of those paper wrapped in screen filters on my shelf but wanted to ask you guys what you use? horse hair or paper?

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    Re: oil filter

    I've used both and don't notice any significant difference. Just make sure the paper type plastic flange doesn't obstruct the bypass, etc. I have a few Beck/Arnley branded hair type if you need one.
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    Re: oil filter

    vtwin sells both 40-0712 old style..40-0715 new style with metal perforated cage,paper filter.I sell new style 10 to 1 old style,customer preference

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    Re: oil filter

    Thanks Robbie and Roger. I figured keeping the erl changed would help to . i'll try the old style when I use up the paper ones.

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    I avoid the type made from fiberglass.

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    Re: oil filter

    I got a '61 FLH in OK many years ago that leaked from EVERY place imaginable. Original owner was tired of replacing gaskets & taking the oil pump apart (thinking it had sheared the return key). Drove it back to my buddy's place, parked it in the kitchen, & proceeded to replace (again) everything & gaskets I thought were bad on the bike (I had brought rebuilt carb, generator, regulator, battery, etc. from Alb., N.M. in case). As I was getting ready to take off the outside cover of the pump, I had to take off the rear chain oiler line, along with the return line. I was surprised to see a couple of HORSEHAIRS sticking out return line nipple! Upon pulling the cover, I found that the connection for the rear chain oiler/return line was completely plugged with horsehairs from the old filter (a needle/screw passes thru the connection & into the hole seat, making the return oil go around both sides of the screw on the way to the filter and also down the rear chain line to drip on the rear chain). Needless to say, I cleaned out the blockage, put a PAPER filter in the canister, reassemble the pump & lines and proceeded to replace the carb and generator. I used two quarts of 50w on the way back from OK to N.M. The other gaskets weeped a little, but otherwise, held steady all the way home (I ended up tearing the engine down later to replace & reseal, re-ring & lapped the valves, nothing else needed). I have NEVER used or sold a horsehair filter again. Doc

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