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    Well it seems Photobucket is trying to say ... I'm sorry ... I just got an email listing there new plan.

    Free hosters will be restricted to 25MB of hosting bandwidth per month. 25MB = 25000KB many pics I post are 300-500KB

    Free hosters, who use more than 25MB of bandwidth will have all of their hosted photos watermarked and blurred.... (so after 80-100 pics I'm done for the month)

    To restore hosting privileges and to avoid having your images blurred and watermarked after June 1, simply purchase a premium subscription plan for unlimited monthly bandwidth. Our plan pricing is the most competitive in the photo hosting industry. $7.00/month

    Photobucket pricing will increase in January 2020. Upgrade to a yearly plan, or a multi-year plan that will lock in your low pricing today. Yearly $75.50

    I will stay with ... IMAGESHACK ... until they get the ... DOLLAR FEVER

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    Re: Photobucket

    I will stay with ... IMAGESHACK ... until they get the ... DOLLAR FEVER
    In the good ole days ... , like when these motorcycles were made if you wanted something you had to pay for it ...
    Alright, give me a Pepsi Free. You want a Pepsi pal you're gonna pay for it.
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