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Thread: 1956 KH Sportster

  1. 1956 KH Sportster

    Here are some pictures. I hope this will work.

    Kind regards

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    Re: 1956 KH Sportster

    Thanks for the pictures Monti, now for the bad news..
    The gas tank is '57-'58 Sportster, not K-Model. The front fender is late '59 and newer. The kicker pedal is '63 up. Front and rear rims have been replaced with wrong (English) type. Lots of incorrect finishes such as the fork sliders, shocks, valve covers. Handlebar levers are wrong. Rear brake operating lever is upside down. Seat is upholstered wrong. Handlebar top clamp cover is missing.
    Post pictures of the other side and the top of the dash area.
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  3. Re: 1956 KH Sportster

    Rubone, thanks a lot for your reply and for pointing out the incorrect parts. Unfortunately I can not alter the title of this post. I hope that the K model enthusiasts will forgive me for that...

    My friend was aware that the gas tank was incorrect when he bought the bike, but he just liked the look of the bike.
    I will take some more pictures as soon as I will start working on the bike.
    In a first step I would like to get it back on the road and therefore I have to fix some oil leaks,
    Is there a place where I can get a gasket kit for this type of engine (I have looked at different HD part suppliers, but they do not have a kit for this KH)?
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  4. Re: 1956 KH Sportster

    Some more pictures:

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