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Thread: Hi from Switzerland

  1. Hi from Switzerland

    After lurking for some time (btw great forum with very knowledgeable members) I would like quickly to introduce myself.
    I am a great fan of old motorcycles and have restored several motorbikes from the sixties and seventies. A friend of mine just bought a 1956 KH Flathead and asked me for help. Unfortunately, I do not know very much about this bike. The bike looks quite good, was restored some time ago and has not been used very often. I do not know if everything is original on the bike and I realized that it required some work before my friend can ride the KH.
    So, I am sure that I will have some question very soon.


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    Re: Hi from Switzerland

    Welcome to the club...

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    Re: Hi from Switzerland

    Welcome Monti..Sportster has overhead valves & first year was 1957.
    K-model is a flathead.Made 1952-1956
    Here is a link to a K model site that might also help....
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    Re: Hi from Switzerland

    Welcome Monti,
    As mentioned , a '56 K-Model is NOT a Sportster. That mixing of terms makes us K owners cringe. Post some pictures of the bike and we can tell you what is right or wrong. Also see the K-Model sub-forum in the Harley 36-64 section on this site. There is a good thread by a member on here with a beautiful stock '56. Here is a link to the build thread:
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  5. Re: Hi from Switzerland

    Ups shame on me..... I already mentioned that I do not know very much about these bikes.
    I corrected the text in my introduction and thanks a lot for the links.
    I will do my homework and hope that I can still ask you for help.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Hi from Switzerland

    welcome aboard

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