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    Hello fellow addicts,

    Well I too have been bitten by the true iron of Harley Davidson. When I was a boy a cop yelled at me while in the family auto driving through town to “Hey, get your arms inside the car”, that did it for me. The bike he was standing next to was a Knucklehead. Funny how things stick with you. Now as life is coming to a close I’m finally the proud new father of a restored 1947 Knucklehead. I may be, no I will be call upon my fellow addicts to help me along the way. My brain and spine have an incurable disease and I have a tough time recalling things at times. I’m glad I found this site. Sounds like a lot of you have the knowledge and a lot of us need it. I was fortunate as a kid to have an old club member that took me under his wing and began my path towards my life’s dream. I hope to be around a long time to sponge up the knowledge of those who possess it. Anyway I’m an old timer so please be patient, we all get here some day. Thanks brothers, thanks

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    Re: Sasquatch47

    Welcome. Admitting you have an addiction is the first step to true happiness. We like pictures. This site requires a third party host like Imgur, Flickr and a few others. Imgur is free and easy to use so it's my personal choice. If you need help with pictures, I can post them for you.
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    Re: Sasquatch47

    Welcome aboard!!

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    Re: Sasquatch47

    Welcome to the asylum! Here's your orange and black pajamas. The Head nurse will be around to start your 50-weight IV drip inna minit. Wipe um off and put the tools back where you got um when yer done and don't eat the Service Bulletins.
    We're all living some kind of lifelong dream here. The Mofo MoCo built Knuckles and Big Flats for only a dozen years in the last century. What wif repop parts, There may be more of them in existence today than The MoCo ever built! A Twentieth Century classic by any measure.

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    Welcome aboard, lots of info here.
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    Re: Sasquatch47

    Welcome to the best site on the net for addicts like us! We Love Pictures...

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    Re: Sasquatch47

    welcome aboard

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    Re: Sasquatch47

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    Be sure to register so you can view large photos

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    Re: Sasquatch47

    In these factory photos I find it interesting how dull all the black painted parts actually look
    1947 EL
    1948 FL Project
    1947WL Project

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    Re: Sasquatch47

    The tanks,fenders & emblems as well Sean.Photo art!The shine on the upper rear wheel vs lower right front is odd.How did they white out all background without photoshop?

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