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Thread: 38 on eBay

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    Re: 38 on eBay

    That's a beautiful bike!
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    Re: 38 on eBay

    That bike is listed by DC Motorsports owned by Daryl Hartsel. It has been on and off of Minneapolis craigslist most of the winter. I doubt he did the restoration himself, he hires people for that or he trades or he buys and sells. Quite the wheeler dealer. Many years ago I traded a very nice original 1978 1/2 FLH for a basket case 1959 Corvette with him, I still have the Corvette, looks a little better now. He deals mostly in classic cars, not a bad guy, but don't expect to get the better end of the deal with him. Looks like a very nice bike, wish I could afford it.

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    That's a beautiful bike!

    That price is even more beautiful !!!
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    Re: 38 on eBay

    I love the bike and think it was done very well. But the Minnie Pearl tag stuff is rather tacky

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    Re: 38 on eBay

    Correct me if I'm wrong. He states that the only item not corrected is the inclusion of the tool kit. Is he is referring to the AMCA judging of the bike?? To my knowledge they cannot touch the bike. If the toolbox is closed...........

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    Re: 38 on eBay

    The other ad I saw says toolbox itself is aftermarket

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    AMCA judges have X-Ray vision. Just one of the many criteria necessary. I'm going to line my toolbox with lead sheets just to fool em. Ha
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    Re: 38 on eBay

    Quote Originally Posted by jdiesel25 View Post
    The other ad I saw says toolbox itself is aftermarket
    I believe if you are referring to the judging aspect, as long as it is the best re-pop out there, no deduction. The green one a couple weeks ago is a friend of mines bike. His has no reproduction and was done with mostly NOS parts. It got bid to 120 or so with a non paying bidder. Correct me if I am wrong, weren't all seats done back then with black thread??
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    Re: 38 on eBay

    There's a few nice knuckles on the Minneapolis Craigslist right now. You'd think prices would drop a bit since the supply obviously isn't the limiter here...

    Think this bike has ever ran? Lots of dough to start it up and have heaps of issues.
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