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Thread: 1920 J Hill Climber......

  1. Unhappy 1920 J Hill Climber......

    I have the chance to bid on a 1920 J Hill Climber this Sunday at a local estate sale......

    This is way out of my wheelhouse..... but would love to own one of these beautiful old bikes...

    The seller says its "complete" & looks like original paint....that's all I know so far...

    What would be a reasonable price range where I won't be over paying but still get a decent deal......

    Tried to post pics but won't allow me ....
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    Re: 1920 J Hill Climber......

    Looks pretty complete. Not original paint though. It looks more "wannabe boardtracker" than hill climber. I like how the shifter is tucked under the seat though.

    Magneto ignition so no electrics. I'd say a lot of the value of a 20 twin lies in the road worthiness of the machine. It'll be a few thousand to get the 'lectrics together. Motor probably needs a rebuild as well as the tranny if it's sat for awhile. It's all there though. I'd say 10 to 12k would be generous for the bike. You'll have another 10 into it just getting it road worthy if you hire it out... if not more. Depends where you are the world though...

    Try to get a picture of the other side of the bike on here. That'll help a bit more.
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    Re: 1920 J Hill Climber......

    There are many factors ...
    Does it run, does it have good compression and will run, is the engine stuck, does it have a factory vin stamp, does it have a title, what has been modified, probably not original paint, and more ...
    My guess is $5000 to $15k depending on what it really is.
    Someone may have riden up a hill at one time, it is not a factory built hill climb bike, and likely a modified street motorcycle.
    What motivates you in this situation, what would you do with it.

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    Re: 1920 J Hill Climber......

    A very interesting piece. The tanks look oversize wide to me like a set of road racing rivet tanks.
    And note the drilled primary cover. Privateer Road racing machine most likely? I would love to see the motor number.

  5. Re: 1920 J Hill Climber......

    hey can not see the pictures . my son and 2 x mates are putting on a hill climb event here in oz insurance permitting , so far there are 3 x Js and 5 x Us entered , clueless can you send me some photos and I will past them onto my son

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    Re: 1920 J Hill Climber......

    The tank chin/chest pad and small rear sprocket along with standard rear fender mounting point to road work as well.
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  7. Re: 1920 J Hill Climber......

    the sale starts at 9am...and the bikes go to the highest bidder at noon eastern time SO...if I am able to go i will try to get the motor number and any other info posted here ..... I was gonna maybe bid as high as i guess i am in the right neighborhood from what ya'll suggested..... with possibly needing another 10 into it later I hope it will be worth 20k to someone down the road.....

    maybe i'll get lucky and not many others will be there for the bikes since it seems to be listed as a normal estate sale and I have not seen any other postings as more of a "bike sale".....

    more pics here.....

  8. Re: 1920 J Hill Climber......

    what a cool looking bike hope you bring it home

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    Re: 1920 J Hill Climber......

    To me, the first question is: do you want a J, or a race bike?
    Unless it's cheap I can't see any reason to buy this particular bike.

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