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Thread: Looking for info to lace Starhub to VL 19” rim

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    Re: Looking for info to lace Starhub to VL 19” rim

    Robbie,post 3 says they are 18".
    Thanks Roger, I was going off his first post and title. didn't notice his change. However he still claims to have unlaced it from a VL hub, which if is true it is error on his part and not the rim. And with a repop hub who knows how it is indexed?
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    Re: Looking for info to lace Starhub to VL 19” rim

    Does anyone know what kind of spokes I will need to lace a starhub to a vl rim? Having issues with what I believe the angle of the spokes, on one side I can cross 4 no problem, flip the wheel to the other side and I can only cross three? Any info on this process is appreciated.
    VL rims and spokes differ from knuckle rims and spokes.

    3940-30b 30 to 36 VL 18" rim
    3940-35 36 to 40 knuckle 18" rim

    3944-30b 30 to 36 VL 18" inside spoke
    3944-30c 30 to 36 VL 18" outside spoke
    3947-35 36 to 40 knuckle 18" spoke

    VL spokes are larger diameter (.205) then knuckle .161" and VL spokes are longer as hubs are smaller. has custom spokes, they may have done this, however pretty far fetched.

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