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    1953 Panhead

    Just installed a transmission in a friends 59 Fl that was rebuilt by a shop that is now closed.It is very hard to get into 3rd gear, pretty much have to lightly stomp on the heal shifter to get it into gear, no grinding, just stiff, comes out of third easily, shifts nice in the rest of the gears, as I am not a expert on transmissions I wonder what you guys think is wrong.

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    Re: 1953 Panhead

    First thought is that the shifter fork is not properly alligned

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    Re: 1953 Panhead

    It could have the early type 3rd-high shifter clutch in it that does not have ramps on the third gear side.
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    Re: 1953 Panhead

    Thanks I am going to pull it out soon and check it.

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    Re: 1953 Panhead

    Are you sure that the shifter linkage is adjusted correctly? Mine did the same thing when I forgot to put lock washers on the transmission and it moved
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