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    I did not make either and it is usually on my plate often.

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    Re: Oley

    There's still time for Oley attendees to post their pictures

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    Re: Oley

    it was a great meet ,we arrived on Wednesday afternoon around 04.00 o' clock, many vendors and visitors were already there

    so hunting for parts already begon early this year , Thursday was a great day too , we bought many parts and talked and meet many old and new friends

    Friday later afternoon we had a big shower ,but the rest of the day was ok , we celebrated my dads 79th birthday under a tarp with pizza's and beer

    saturday was also a good day for parts for us , we stayed till 05.00 in the afternoon and than drove from there to friends in Sodus NY
    we stayed there till Tuesday and then drove to Toronto Canada and flew back on Wednesday evening To Duesseldorf Germany , arrive at Desseldorf airport Thursday morning got my car from the parking lot and then drove 1.5 hour to my house in The Netherlands and then had some sleep from the long travel !
    maybe we see some of the caimag members next week at AMCA Europe meet in Raalte Holland ,may 24/25th

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