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Thread: Texas Road Run

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    Texas Road Run

    We're off to Texas early Saturday morning for the AMCA Road Run. It looks like about a 14 hour drive from Denver. Weather forecast this morning says low 80s and sunny.

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    Howdy chaps,

    Now talking almost 90 degrees and I’ll gladly take it. This is what greeted us five years ago on the morning of the first day. Hail beating the paint off lovely old machines lined up in the parking lot. Though soon gone and clear skies prevailed, the 50mph wind gusts through some of those passes in the hills were a bit unsettling for this front wheel disc equipped machine.

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    Re: Texas Road Run

    Pete, Thanks for the pictures!!! AWESOME!!! All you guys be safe and have fun!!

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    Re: Texas Road Run

    Just got back and what an awesome time and weather was spectacular as Peter will attest. Beautiful country, great people! Well done!


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    Re: Texas Road Run

    Got a nice sunburn, had lots of fun, met some new pals...

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