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Thread: Hinged generator strap

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    Hinged generator strap

    When was the generator strap with the integral hing used? I have a couple of them but cannot find it referred to anywhere. Perhaps I just overlooked it.
    Anyone know?

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    Re: Hinged generator strap

    XA models....WWII

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    Re: Hinged generator strap

    Friends help friends move,
    Real friends help friends move bodies!

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    Re: Hinged generator strap

    Well, the ones that I have are similar but have the stud on one end like the standard one.
    Robbie, in your picture, it looks like it has a counter sunk stamped hole at each end for mounting.
    I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.

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    Re: Hinged generator strap

    I had one as Mark described.An XA guy,[Walksler maybe] bought it.

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    Re: Hinged generator strap

    I seem to remember that someone told me once that it was used on RL's.

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    Re: Hinged generator strap

    Not in my parts books & not mentioned in Johnny Sells book.

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    Re: Hinged generator strap

    Sorry about the delay. Just got around to getting pics of this thing. I have two of these and they are the same. Got them from different locations, so probably not a homemade one off.
    Any help to ID what it's correct for would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Hinged generator strap

    The one i had was just like this only it was NOS.

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    Re: Hinged generator strap

    So here it is. Anyone know how many years this -32 part ran for?

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