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Thread: Harley XA heat problem

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    Re: Harley XA heat problem

    Cross over pipe. Yes, it has one. And there comes much more heat and exhaust fumes out of the right side. Possibly nothing from the left cylinder.

    Two carbs. Not possible to change. These are different. It is a right and a left one.

    Both carbs getting freely fuel. I pulled the lines off and opend the fuel strainer/cock. Both sides the fuel comes with power out of the line.

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    Re: Harley XA heat problem

    Trying pulling both plug leads off of the sparkplugs and connect and ground to engine two known good sparkplugs to the two disconnected sparkplug leads. Kick bike over several times. Do this in the dark. Observe spark at both sparkplugs. Maybe one is brighter than the other ?

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    Re: Harley XA heat problem

    Can you squirt a little gas in the weak cylinder while it is running to see if it picks up? i have never heard a XA run before but I think it sounds like it is laboring, slow timing?

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    Re: Harley XA heat problem

    I solved the problem! It was the left carb. I dismantled the bowl and used pressure air to blow it inside the complete carb. After that action it works.

    Thank you for all your input, guys!!!

    Here the video from the first ride!!! I'm so happy that it works now!!!


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    Re: Harley XA heat problem

    You have every right to be happy! You did a great job and persevered to solve the final problem. Enjoy riding your beautiful XA!
    Regards, Peter

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    Re: Harley XA heat problem

    You got to put a bigger grin on when you pull up to the camera. You earned it !

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    Re: Harley XA heat problem

    Great job Thomas, loved following you build thread.

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    Re: Harley XA heat problem

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool!

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    Re: Harley XA heat problem

    Excellent! Lotsa great know-how from the members here and best of all, the willingness to share.


  10. Re: Harley XA heat problem

    Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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