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    Show biz

    While at the circus, a rube was watching a circus worker cleaning up Elephant poo. The worker would gather up as much poo as he could handle, and then walk it over, and dump it into a big pile of elephant poo. The man watched the sweating worker do this over and over on this sweltering hot afternoon. Finally, he asked the worker; "Geeze, buddy, why don't you get a real job?" "What, said the worker; and quit show business?"

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    When I was in early Junior High we lived in Miami, FL Our family would go watch the Circus parade when they came to town. Back then they built the tents with elephant labor. The elephants were always at the back of the parade, followed by the guys with scoop shovels & trash cans. My dad (lost him in 1967) told me once if I didn't bring my grades up, that was the only job I would be able to get.
    Yeah, really.

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