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Thread: Copper Mesh Filter

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    Copper Mesh Filter

    Cleaned the mesh filter. Any reason really to re oil it before putting it on? Don't live at the end of a dirt road and don't ride onnon-paved roads (by choice)

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    Re: Copper Mesh Filter

    I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I oil mine.

    On a serious note, I think the residual oil makes the dust and small particles just from riding with all the wind and traffic stick to the mesh with a fine coat of oil.

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    I just put a K&N filter with an adapter from Jerry Greer on my Flathead. I had to trim the rubbber a bit to get it to fit, but then all good. The Greer adapter makes it go on same as stock. Seemed like a good upgrade since she is on the beach once a year.
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