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    Hand Shift Parts

    From what I am able to gather I have the needed 3+R parts to convert my 4 speed transmission to the 3+R.

    I realize that 65 should mean going to the 3-1/2 gallon tanks and using the old style tank shift components. those tanks, like my 65 5-gal. tanks are assuredly almost impossible to find. Add to that is the fact that I don't want to be forced to stop at short intervals due to fuel consumtion that takes a hit with a sidecar.

    So what I am thinking is using the 66 and up frame shift unit. Yes probably difficult to find but not impossible (gotta believe it's out there). Then it just becomes the matter of adding the foot control components. Granted this part won't be a "true" 65 but the sidecar frame is a '59 so I am already off course.

    Herz what I need. Going to post in the "wanted" section as well but I figure more peope will probably give this a look-see.

    Going to try and make Dixon this year (be 6 weeks back from a full right knee replacement, but I should be abe to hobble around). Also going to try and make Davenport this year.

    Appreciate any help and any and all leads.
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    Re: Hand Shift Parts

    You can buy it all from V-Twin...If that is what you want to do. The foot clutch parts are different for '65 up as well.
    '65 small tanks are same a '63 and '64.
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    Re: Hand Shift Parts

    My 68 sidecar rig only got ~32mpg ish, best ever run to reserve was about 120 miles that was with speeds under 50.
    Long way of saying going to a 5 gallon setup is overrated imo.

    The better route to better mpg would be to change the drive sprocket at the engine, and play with your final ratio's a bit. The stock sidecar gearing is all torque, with a max speed of 85(that's really pushing it though).
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    The parts come up on the Bay fairly often, originals. Not too long ago a complete setup went for reasonable money, I should have snagged it. usually you just see different bits and need to piece it together. But I do not think it should be all that hard to source. And as mentioned, the aftermarket has the bits you can't find. Good luck as always.
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