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Thread: Now i need help with electrical

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    Now i need help with electrical

    First, thanks to all for your help so far in getting the 39 all sorted out. Now i am stumped again, electrics is not my strong point. I have ignition, i have lights, what i dont have is fire from the points, i even opened them, turned ing on and tried to make them fire by bridgeing them with a screw driver, any suggestions and help would be greatly appreicated, once i get fire to the plugs i can get it fired up, thanks again to everyone, larry ps i have not replaced the wiring harness, since everything seemed to be in tact except for what he took loose for the repainting of the sheet metal

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    Re: Now i need help with electrical

    Check for 6 volt at coil with switch on, if zero volts check wire back to switch.
    Remove points wire from coil, connect jumper wire to coil terminal, turn ignition on, remove plug from engine, brushing jumper wire to ground a few times plugs will spark, if no spark bad coil, if spark bad points, condensor or points wire.

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    Re: Now i need help with electrical

    The plug fire when the points break if you have power to the coil
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    Re: Now i need help with electrical

    Thanks so much guys, i will try today

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    Re: Now i need help with electrical

    Plugs fired when touching jumper wire to ground, i will replace points, condenser and wire, thanks so much for the help, i really appreciate it, larry

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    Re: Now i need help with electrical

    Check continuity accross the points when closed.Check to see if the side of the points that need isolated from ground is isolated when points are open.[No continuity to ground with points open]

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