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Thread: Police Radio Kit

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    Re: Police Radio Kit

    Robbies regulator bracket 8377-42 is for 1942-'48 BT

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    Re: Police Radio Kit

    Wow, very cool, I am now totally afraid of starting the hunt for one for my ‘49 RCMP Pan...


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    Re: Police Radio Kit

    Some years back I sold all my post '48 police items, including a few radio bits. For years when I was traveling I would stop in mid sized cities and ask about radios at the PDs, got directed to a few old shops just to hear the same old story of how they junked all that stuff years ago. In one case I got to the site of the old shop where it was rumored that there was a stack of old radios out back to find bulldozers clearing the land for a new shopping center, the old building and everything else was gone..
    Good luck on your radio hunt.
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    Re: Police Radio Kit

    Thirty years is pretty quick to find some of those parts...

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    Re: Police Radio Kit

    Paps i think most police departments broadcast in digital now. By me they use a cellphone system.

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    Re: Police Radio Kit

    Robbie's story about the police radio parts reminds me of a story in a 1970's vintage AMCA magazine. A fellow had found a Cleveland single at the dump, and brought it home to restore. He joined the AMCA, and set about writing letters to a million people to source parts. Someone gave him the address of a man who had bought the remains of the Cleveland factory, to whom he wrote an impassioned letter with his list of needed parts. I guess he had given the man his phone number because he called back and said 2 weeks earlier he had sold all of the parts, and fixtures to the junk man for scrape iron value. Who knows what was in that pile, and how much of it was Cleveland 4. . . . From ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. That's the heartbreaking part of our hobby.

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    Re: Police Radio Kit

    Very cool stuff you have there Robbie. Please post a photo of that cool UL it's going on.
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    Re: Police Radio Kit

    Quote Originally Posted by Fabe View Post
    Very cool stuff you have there Robbie. Please post a photo of that cool UL it's going on.
    Been posted many times.

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    Re: Police Radio Kit

    Police departments often transferred equipment from a bike going out of service to the new one coming in. I know LAPD did this. So my LAPD 1945 will have the wrong (earlier) regulator bracket on it.
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