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Thread: High back solo seat.

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    Re: High back solo seat.

    That is crazy ugly

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    Re: High back solo seat.

    Not as ugly as the price.....

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    Re: High back solo seat.

    Hey Sarge, wasn't that off your old lawn mower? Looks like one of your neighbors was picking your garbage.

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    Re: High back solo seat.

    Needs to be recovered, Easy Russ had one on a knuckle, looked pretty good on it. Anyone can have a run of the mill seat on their bike.
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    Re: High back solo seat.

    It needs arm rests and a cup holder
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    Re: High back solo seat.

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    Re: High back solo seat.

    Quote Originally Posted by tomcat1 View Post
    It needs arm rests and a cup holder
    That is funny !

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    Re: High back solo seat.

    "'Extremely Rare'
    Supreme Allied Commander WWII WLA General Solo Seat, High Back...!!!
    Harley Davidson Historical Collector or Museum Quality Only, Not for Use...!!!
    US Patent Number still 'partially"' visible on leather seam...!!!
    (((More Great Authentic Harley Davidson Seats coming soon)))
    An Incredible Vintage Harley Police Solo Seat up next...!!!
    Thank you and Good Luck...!!!"

    I think the seller needs "Good Luck," finding someone to swallow that load! Gimme a break...
    Sarge, Gerry Lyons, Fla.
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    Re: High back solo seat.

    kind of interesting from another seller about the fellow with the high back seat

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