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Thread: Is this a factory option another left hand sidecar

  1. Is this a factory option another left hand sidecar

    Rob the Piper,
    Photo shows a 1929 J fitted with a left hand commercial chassis. The body is VERY wide and ths chassis is fitted with an additional bar at the front as the chassis is also wide. Is this from the factory or is it something that has done as a local variation. I have studied the photo and the additions are well done makin me think they may be factory done. I have another 1930-36 commercial chassis which has been widened by 8 inches by cutting the chassis in half, welding in additional tubing and adding the brace across the front. In all it as not the best job but I will leave it as is.
    This next is for the Australians. Photo is of sidecar body used by NSW Police in the 1930's to 1940's. I have photos showing this body on three types of chassis.
    1 Unidentified local chassis
    2 Early JGM (Murphy) chassis
    3 Harley Davidson Chassis
    They are attached to AJS V twins, BSA V twins, Harley V and U models and pre war to Indian Chief.
    Aso the Harley chassis were attached to BSA V twins
    For you Americans it is not a Dusting Body.
    Does anyone have one of these bodies or better photos so I can work out the dimensions so I can make one.perdriau-rider-sydney.jpg10502145_945622825456172_3679968582351859327_n.jpgperdriau-rider-sydney.jpg10502145_945622825456172_3679968582351859327_n.jpg

  2. Re: Is this a factory option another left hand sidecar

    Rob the Piper,
    Oops. The 1929 J and sidecar got lost. Will post tomorrow.

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    Re: Is this a factory option another left hand sidecar

    Factory Wide Package truck frames are set at a 56" tread width, 8" wider than a stock Package Truck or Sidecar tread width. What is the tread width on yours?
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  4. Re: Is this a factory option another left hand sidecar

    Photo of the lost 1929J and sidecar.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Is this a factory option another left hand sidecar

    The sidecar on the New South Wales cop bike looks like a Goulding, which were made I think in Melbourne, Australia in those days. Nose shape is fairly distinctive. The shape of the rear seemed to vary from model to model. I don't have pics to hand but my grandfather's 1923 F Model Harley has a Goulding sidecar on it, but with different rear section to that one. They were pretty common so should be pics on the net somewhere.

    Goulding started in Melbourne, Australia, then moved to the USA so different body shapes at each side of the pond. The 1920s Australian Gouldings had nose shape like in your pic. Then 1930s they kept the same rear shape but went to a more pointy Dutch shoe kind of nose.

    There's a pic here of a very similar looking sidecar on another Aussie poliice bike in the 1920s.

    The little door on the side so madam could step in and out without lifting her skirts seemed to be a standard Goulding thing. My grandpas old bike has one, which has fascinated three generations of kids so far.
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    Now that the correct photo in now included you can seen the additional reinforcing bar on the front of the chassis. Is this because the total width is wider. Was this factory done. I will check tomorrow on the tread width. Is this measured centre to centre of the bike and sidecar wheel.
    On the sidecar body i have the templates of a sidecar body I made for my JGM (Murphy) chassis.I have seen the Qld Police photos before. Notice how the front profile is different between the sidecars. From my templates I can approximate the profile and also use the sidecar springs as an additional guide. I have a front on photo which even shows the upholstery detail. I have a photo which shows the back which is a lot wider than the front but is not that clear to get detail. Commonly known as the sergeant sidecar as it was to carry generally overweight senior and crown sergeants.

  7. Re: Is this a factory option another left hand sidecar

    I have measured the centre to centre of the rear wheel and sidecar wheel at 58 inches.The sidecar chassis I have has been modified but it would have been based on a genuine type. Is the additional bar on the chassis attached to the 29 J original or has been added locally.

    For the Aussies I have not found any photographs of a local Goulding body. It seems most photos are taken from the right and don't show the sidecar.

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    Re: Is this a factory option another left hand sidecar

    From memory there were 3 major OZ chair makers; Goulding, Dusting and Murphy. Most were 3 point mounts but at least one was/is 4 point as I have one with chair but no door on my 44UL. BTW they made a plus 1 so a sarge could fit with a drunk felon.
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