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    New member from Ontario

    Have had a 1938 Indian Scout (with a 741 engine) since the early 70's. Was running when I got it and of course i disassembled the bike to restore it and it got pushed to the back of the garage for 40 years. Finally getting around to work on it again this year and am interested in what others have done with their bikes to bring them back to life. Back in the 70's there wasn't the resources that are available today with so much information and ease of communicating with other enthusiasts. I enjoy reading what others are doing to their machines and hope to find some info that might apply to my long term project.

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    Welcome! There are a ton of good folks on this forum and the AMCA website as well. Gerry Greer Indian restoration is a great source of parts for your bike:

    Just ask questions someone will chime in with an answer.

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    Re: New member from Ontario

    Thanks for the contact! I will check it out.

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    Re: New member from Ontario

    Welcome to the club and good luck with your project... Oh, and we like pics...

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    Re: New member from Ontario

    welcome aboard

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