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Thread: Trans plate

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    Trans plate

    I have a trans mounting plate and the front mounting holes are tapped to 3/8" fine thread. This means that the front mounting bolts come up from under the frame mount. I've never seen or heard of this. This plate only has two front holes,I have another plate where the same holes are a loose 3/8" and there are three holes on the front of the plate. What do I have?

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    Re: Trans plate

    Front trans plate bolts always came up from the bottom, even on early plates. But you likely have a E-start plate, it won't fit an early gearbox (center cutout is too narrow for the gearbox lug) and the front hole spacing is wrong for a rigid frame. The three hole plate is from '58 to early '60s and fits either frame.
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    Re: Trans plate

    Thanks Rob,I don't recall my 52 mounting like that but I don't recall a lot of things :-).

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