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Thread: Chuck Lipsky

  1. Chuck Lipsky

    Anybody know how to get a hold of Chuck Lipsky or his son? Steve

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    Re: Chuck Lipsky

    Was he the guy who made 45 battery boxes and such?

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    Re: Chuck Lipsky

    Chuck has passed away. A great guy. I owned a 36 VL bought from him in 1982. His son is a regular at Davenport, Eustis and others. Not sure how to connect but someone here will help no doubt. I always like to visit with Chuck at his motorhome at Le Mars and Farmington, back in the day....a true gentleman and a real motorcycle enthusiast..

  4. Re: Chuck Lipsky

    Sorry to hear about Chuck, hopefully his on will contact me. Steve

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    Re: Chuck Lipsky

    You should tell us what you are looking for.Bob Mounts[spelling]has much of his info/parts.At davenport he is behind KIWI..Johnny Sells got a lot of info from chuck for his 1929-36 45" book.

  6. Re: Chuck Lipsky

    Dice keys for DL,VL

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    Re: Chuck Lipsky

    Check with Michael Breeding. He was working on them a while back.
    Bob Selph
    Indian 1940 Sport Scout
    Harley 1933VC with 1934LT Sidecar

  8. Re: Chuck Lipsky

    is here on forum? how do I contact him?

  9. Re: Chuck Lipsky

    how do I contact Michael breeding?

  10. Re: Chuck Lipsky

    ok, found Michael Breeding website. Thought I would try the forum first, before I spend $60-70. Thought maybe somebody would have a old used set laying around...Thanks

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