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Thread: Craigs Llist Phoenix geegaws

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    Craigs Llist Phoenix geegaws

    I can't believe the price and the claims these are"genuine" Harley Davidson crates. Is there really a market for these things?

    Craigs List Phoenix:

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    Re: Craigs Llist Phoenix geegaws

    They look like the baskets used in foundries that held castings in various stages of production/finishing.
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    Re: Craigs Llist Phoenix geegaws

    The manufacturing industry calls them 'totes', and those look like the real deal. My wife watches the DYI, HGTV channels on t.v. and they are always looking for crap like that to make coffee tables.

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    If they are original they should have stencils with return to Harley-Davidson on them somewhere I'd guess. I worked at the York plant for 11 years, most of my time as a material handler (loved that job) so I moved thousands of these things; we were using plastic totes, not wood (ropacs, is what we called them) at that time and if HD wanted their totes or ropacs back we had the name and address on them. Even simple wood skids had the name stenciled on them as well.

    Any purpose built skid or carrier was stenciled so I'm guessing HD did that too back in the day. Even if they are not from HD they are well built and as Eric mentioned there is a big following for these things in the home improvement arena.

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    Re: Craigs Llist Phoenix geegaws

    Those crates are used to store the potato's.....

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    Re: Craigs Llist Phoenix geegaws

    2 per bike?

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