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Thread: Rear Shocks

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    Rear Shocks

    The time has come to do something with my rear shocks on my '61. The bike isn't very original so I don't need to worry much about that. It's a hotrod of sorts so custom stuff is OK here.

    Been studying Progressive Suspension shocks and these look like a good choice. The 412-4029C are full chrome covered with 2 rate of spring available. (Standard and Heavy Duty). The damping sounds good with some sort of multi-rate built in. I find quite a few good positive reports of handling improvements even on more modern bikes than mine.

    412-4029C full cover 13.5" shock

    The pieces of the puzzle I haven't been able to find definitive answer for are these:

    1/. Haven't been able to confirm the shock eyes accept 5/8" mounting hardware? It appears they come with adapter sleeves to suit smaller bolts.
    2/. Shock full extended length is quoted as 3 different lengths depending on who's offering. 13.25, 13.5 and 13.6. Seems weird there's no consensus. Update: 13.5 according to maker.
    3/. I haven't been able to confirm my original dome covers will fit.
    4/. Standard spring rate is 245/340 I believe. Trying to understand if bike and me @ 170lbs is an Ok spring choice. Bike is a dedicated solo ride without luggage.

    So I'd like to hear from anyone with first hand knowledge, perhaps someone who's fitted some and gone through the motions.

    Hoping to learn a bit more before I make a decision. It's too far to send these back so I need get it right first time. Only really silly question is the one not asked...!
    Thanks for any help, pointers, tips..

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    I cannot answer your specific questions but I can offer some advice.

    1- I have Progressive shocks on three of my bikes including my '70 FLH, my opinion they sell an excellent product that will give you a comfortable ride
    2- I have been very successful calling their Customer Service, people on the other end are very knowledgeable, not just sales guys. I would get the # from their website and give them a call.

    Good luck
    1946 WL Solo
    1970 FLH
    1991 Sportster XLH
    1997 Wide Glide FXDWG
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    Re: Rear Shocks

    The Progressive shocks are about your only choice...

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    Re: Rear Shocks

    Thanks for the thoughts.

    Having them on 3 bikes is somewhat of a good recommendation!

    I've read up quite extensively and I've decided to get a pair.

    Update once they arrive and are tested.


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    I have Progressive on my '69 FL and also agree they are good shocks.
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    Re: Rear Shocks

    +1 on Progressive Suspension. I have always fitted both their front drop in Springs and rear complete shocks to every Harley I have owned. Massive difference. Spend as much as you possibly can on these and you won't be sorry.

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    Re: Rear Shocks

    I like my progressives, have them on my old shovel as well as my new street glide . If my memory is correct you had to remove the bushings and metal sleeve from your old shocks and install them in the progressives in order to fit the correct bolt.


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    Re: Rear Shocks

    BL Bob, I love your style of innovation. Sounds like a nice solution. Great work.
    Hoping you are wrong about the domes not fitting. Progressive said they fit though their input didn't really inspire. More like the Politicians answers. That's normal coming from folk with a vested interest in selling a product I suppose.

    dablaze, am certainly hoping to avoid bush removal. This was another of my questions for Progressive who only said "they fit". Since purchase, I was subsequently able to find out they come with 0.5" and 0.375" reducing bushes. Therefore the hope is the original bush insert size is 0.625"

    This highlights how good it is to walk into a store, armed with a vernier and tape measure. Accurately determine all the important dimensions on the spot. Pay and walk out with them.

    One way or another, these shocks are going to have to fit. Bad luck for me if they're not a simple bolt-on.

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    Re: Rear Shocks

    I do have a perfect pair of original shocks restored for your'61. PM me a cell # and I will send pics.

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    Re: Rear Shocks

    They ar just push in rubber bushings as I recall, simple pop them out, pop the right ones in (I think, then again I can remember my kids names these days)


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