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Thread: Complete Aluminium Motorcycle Rim Manufacturing Line - EOI

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    Re: Complete Aluminium Motorcycle Rim Manufacturing Line - EOI

    Where I live. If your kid rides without that safety gear. Their parents will get a fine.

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    Re: Complete Aluminium Motorcycle Rim Manufacturing Line - EOI

    Quote Originally Posted by axeric View Post
    Apparently, all motorcycle sales are declining, and H-D is taking the biggest hit. There's a lot of reasons for that, but you can see it on the street where American cars are now monochromatic, bland, but efficient appliances. I mean, when was the last time you bragged about your new vacuum cleaner. Cars are boring. Also, the world is overpopulated, and where I live, riding motorcycles is no fun, and quite dangerous. Last, I think a generation has been hovered over by doting parents who wrapped their children in bubble wrap, and brow beat any thoughts of risk, or adventure out of their curious minds. In our neighborhood, we have 3 families with pre-teen, and high school aged kids. I have never seen any of them mow their parents lawn, take out the garbage, wash a car, walk a dog, or do a chore. When they ride their bicycles, they wear enough safety gear to compete in the X games. . . . Yeah, yeah.....I'm the cranky old bastard down the street, but they do get saucer eyed when I ride a loud motorcycle past their homes
    Well said Eric well said ...same thing here in Nassau county Long Island highest taxes anywhere in the country. Another reason why I like the load the bikes up and go on a road run.

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    That's the beauty of living in Wyoming,no opportunity is the bad part but there is hardly any people and all kids are taught to ride dirt bikes,shoot a gun,and drive a manual shift transmission in a truck by the age of 8

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    Re: Complete Aluminium Motorcycle Rim Manufacturing Line - EOI

    That place was in the news not too long ago.
    If I recall correctly they made the V-rod wheels there.

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