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Thread: Indian Hub Damage

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    Indian Hub Damage

    Is this hub salvageable with a little work?

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    A competent welder can probably weld the cracks after the hub is straightened, but that one spoke hole will always be a little 'iffy'. If the hub is going to go on a bike that is going to see serious road-work; an undamaged hub would be the better choice. That hub is better suited for a machine that is not going to see any serious road-work. Spokes put a tremendous amount of stress on the hub. If a repair is going to be attempted, it would be wise to have the hub checked for other cracks, as there could be some additional damage that is not quite so obvious.

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    Re: Indian Hub Damage

    to minimize further damage, I might slowly press it back and silver solder or braze it back together to maintain the temper. Its only one spoke, how many bikes have you seen with missing spokes that still went ok?

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    Is the hub tempered?

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    Re: Indian Hub Damage

    Straighten it. grind a v around the hole and tig it. Then run it and forget about it!

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    Tig welding with a copper backup will ensure 100% gas coverage and a strong no oxidation weld.

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    Re: Indian Hub Damage

    Considering how many motorcycles have aluminum hubs, a welded steel hub shouldn't be a problem.

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    Re: Indian Hub Damage

    Quote Originally Posted by indianut View Post
    Straighten it. grind a v around the hole and tig it. Then run it and forget about it!
    I think this is the plan, Danny. It’s for the Chief and I need to get that engine of yours off the shelf and running! When I get to it, I will try to take some pics of progress and post, unless I completely jack it up.

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