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Thread: Oil pump cover bolts

  1. Oil pump cover bolts

    Is it typical to have motor oil on the threads of the oil pump cover bolts when they are removed? It seem to me that oil would leak out the bolt holes if it isn't sealed. I know its stupid question but I have to ask. I removed the oil pump cover bolts today and noticed that some or all had motor oil all the bolt shaft. Especially the lower right bolt. . I removed the pump last year for a rebuild and can't remember if the bolts were covered in oil or not. I then installed the newly rebuilt pump but haven't yet started the motor.Today I removed the bolts to replace with chrome bolts and noticed the oil on the bolts after I removed them. I didn't see oil coming out of the bolt holes in the cover or seeping from the cases. The pump is a stock set up off a 1982 FLH. Thanks for any input*

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    IMO you've got nothing to worry about. I've not had the oil pump off my '84 Shovel but if the bolt holes aren't blind then oil will get on the shanks and threads.

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