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Thread: Super-Poster from “Vintage Pic Of The Day”

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    Super-Poster from “Vintage Pic Of The Day”

    Please Admins take a critic eye on this thread because I am quite unsure if what I am doing here is wrong or right...

    Using a selection from the (in my count) 25’000+ pics that have been posted in the suspected world record thread “Vintage Pic Of The Day”, I pasted some 1’500 photos using a resolution that is suitable for a poster some 16 feet wide and 8 feet high (important is just the 2:1 ratio, being the actual size a secondary matter...) However: due limitations in the offer of my local online poster printers, I could print it as max. 8 x 4 feet and I have to say that is too small to see the richness of all the details in the pics: I do not recommend 8x4... I would go for 16x8 or larger

    Now: OF COURSE not a single photo belongs to me... Some I guess were unrestricted offer by donnors, others may be copywrited. If I printed this poster just for me, for my private workshop (I do not work in any way in the vintage motorcycle biz), and - let’s say and ask here - I would offer it for free to Caimag members to print their own posters to decorate their workshops, would this mean an ethic and or legal trouble? I certainly do not need this... Needs to be fine and welcomed otherwise I drop it.

    The file is 170Mb large and can be easily shared through the free software. The selection of pics is certainly a subjective one, covering a broad range of motorcycle brands (however 90% american) and stretching from the teens upto the 50s. No shovelheads will be found in this one. It is also family friendly. No tits (sorry).

    So, the humble offer is done. Please admins give me a green or red light before I do anything. If I get the green light, please PM me and I will share at least with the first ones to ask, as long the free version of wetransfer allows me this.

    The referred/offered poster:
    1918 "Motorcyke" HD
    1947 F w/1948 LE HD
    1951 FL HD
    1970 FLH HD

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    Re: Super-Poster from “Vintage Pic Of The Day”

    If you take some time. you can arrange those photos to look like a motorcycle scene. By using different shades of black and white photos you can come up with an image. If you use other people photos and receive no money or gain it's legal.

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    Re: Super-Poster from “Vintage Pic Of The Day”


    I need to test this...
    1918 "Motorcyke" HD
    1947 F w/1948 LE HD
    1951 FL HD
    1970 FLH HD

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    Re: Super-Poster from “Vintage Pic Of The Day”

    I checked into that a while ago. The pics would have to be in a digital format and then laser copied in a grid structure and then copied on a desired media that could be the correct 16'x8'. It can be done but is super expensive.
    A printing manufacturer is close to me that claims to have the largest printer in the world.

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