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Thread: Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

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    Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

    The NTSB outfitted the investigators with a new tool and I've had so much fun with it, that I thought to share it with you all and give you a product review..

    This little bore scope is a Wi-Fi unit that sends the image to your camera or iPad via an app. The Wi-Fi unit is the little black box that plugs between the gray cable and the white cable. A red light tells you power is applied and a blue light tells you the Wi-Fi is up and running

    It has an articulating camera and LED assembly

    You can go into the cylinder via the spark plug hole and check on your cylinders, pistons and valves...

    And if you really wanted to, you can examin to the valve stem through the carb and intake manifold!

    I had to get a look at the small vent hole located on the intake valve cover. It is where I've been loosing oil from the front cylinder all this time.

    Now for some of you, bore scopes are old news, but they are new to me and it has been a mixed blessing. This unit is made by Vividia. If all you are doing is looking at a part, it is great. The LED lights can vary in intensity with a rotating knob on the cable and the camera assembly is manipulated with a plunger that can be set to spring back or stay in position and release with the press of a knurled knob.

    If you are planning on photographing the image, you will need a third hand or a whole lot of patience. The unit has a shutter button on the cable, but it does not work when using an iPhone or iPad. The button only works when the bore scope is connected directly to a laptop. This means you will need one hand to hold the scope, one hand to manipulate the cable and the third hand to snap the photo. The app that manages the photos leaves a lot to be desired and is very frustrating. I used this unit while examining a Pratt & Whitney 1340 radial engine with nine cylinders. The app decided that it did not need to store the photographs in any particular order and organizing the cylinder photos afterwards, was nearly impossible. The camera articulation assembly is held onto the flexible cable by a pressed on piece of tubing. Vividia needs to crimp this unit in place as the camera assembly popped off the cable and I had to repair it with electrical tape and heat shrink. I'm sending it back, as it is under warranty.

    So there you have it. It is a very useful tool, but has it's limitations. I'm glad I have it, but it could be sturdier and the app has got to go. Finally, it has a rubber sheath for do-it-yourself proctological exams, but I not that interested in my health.
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  2. Re: Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

    I'm afraid to ask what it costs...
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    Re: Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

    Quote Originally Posted by 46-66 FLH View Post
    I'm afraid to ask what it costs...
    You already helped pay for it.

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    Re: Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

    Do it yourself colonoscopies at home...

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    Re: Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

    Second source of income???


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    Re: Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

    Id stick with the free mammograms
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  7. Re: Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

    Amazon lists it at $400.00

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    Re: Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

    Quote Originally Posted by 38el View Post
    Do it yourself colonoscopies at home...
    Beats what I have ... a 1980s Sony handy cam, a broomstick, 6' of duct tape and a quart of vasoline!!

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    Re: Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

    i use a moqo cheaper.wireless use on phone.great for cylinders,rifle /shotgun barrels.ebay sells it or google it.

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    Re: Here is a Very Nice Bore Scope for the Tool Box

    Fabe, if your still getting oil leaking from the 1/16" hole from the lower cup, here is some info to ponder. OEM breather gear opens only about 3° of the turn of the crank and is timed to the upsweep of the pistons to create the vacuum needed to pull the oil down into cam chest. Was having a ton of loss from the lower cups on my sons 47 knuck build and discovered that the S & S breather gear assembly remains open at a 65° sweep in lieu of oem at 3° per S & S tech support.

    There is also a S & S recommendation that the window in the oil breather area be squared (not enlarged in any other way and surface edges remain crisp and not smoothed instead of the soft rounder edges of the window, this in turn increases vacuum efficiency in the cam chest increasing more draw down ability via the pushrod tubes) but then consider if engine is assembled that aluminum shavings from filing be lost into the cam chest that could cause potential issues to critically toleranced parts. Basically, if a rebuild involved, maybe then do the filing/cutting if your into developing the extra need for oil removal in a high performance situation.

    Once the S & S breather gear was installed in the 47, I remover a restrictor that I made to lessen oil loss. Reassembled everything and no more oil loss. The longer period of time vacuum is present, the better the removal of oil from the top end. Worked exactly as I desperately needed it to work.

    BTW, my son is in the USAF based at Ft Campbell runs the meteorological group for the 101st airborne, completed bike is being shipped to him as well.

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