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Thread: Star Hubs ID

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    Star Hubs ID


    I just score this two Star Hubs.
    I see a difference in them so they are from different years.
    They are correct for 1947?


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    Re: Star Hubs ID

    They are covered in great detail in Palmer's 2 volume books.
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    Re: Star Hubs ID

    Chris..both of these hubs are '44-'57 style but the spoke holes are different.The top is drilled,the bottom is drilled & countersunk...not covered in Palmers books..PS: the '58-'66 is also countersunk
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    Re: Star Hubs ID

    The silver hub appears to have a different spoke pattern...

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    Re: Star Hubs ID

    When they are laced up with spokes, no one will know the difference.

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    Re: Star Hubs ID

    Pattern looks the same to me, not the grease zerk hole when comparing..
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