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Thread: hello from BC

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    hello from BC

    Hello from Vancouver B.C. Canada, I am trying to help my grandfather (John) sell off some of his old Harley Davidson Publications and thought it a good idea to post them up on some of the vintage motorcycle fora. He owns an orange 1969 FLH. I (the grandson) have recently gotten into the vintage motorcycle hobby with a 1948 James ML that I am restoring.


    John & Sheldon

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    Re: hello from BC

    Welcome aboard guys!!

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    Re: hello from BC

    Hi John, glad to hear you are helping your grandfather. Good luck on your sales, "Enthusiasts" can be tough as the internet and professional estate sales guys have diluted the market, along with fewer guys collecting them. A James ML is a pretty rare bird in the states, not too many lightweights of that type made it here. Good luck with it as well!
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    Re: hello from BC

    Hi John welcome aboard. I restored a 1948 James in 2000 for my son as a bonding thing. If my memory holds up I may be able to help with leads and manuals Cheers Ross PS I too live in the frozen North

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    Re: hello from BC

    Thanks for the welcomes.

    The james has been a good learning experience, got it mostly complete as a "non runner" but it only really needed a new fuel line, clutch cable, and a bit of tuning, and a few body parts missing. Had it running in a few days. Over the winter I am working on taking it down to the last bolt and get it completely redone in wartime configuration. Luckily most of the parts are available online from the UK. Only bits I haven't been able to locate is the wartime handlebar mount, footpegs, and centrestand. If anybody knows any good places to ask around for parts please let me know.

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