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    Ed Strain

    So you who have been AMCA members a long time remember the Magneto Service ad from Ed Strain that ran for Decades in the mag. Mr Strain has passed and with him another of the ones we needed to keep this stuff alive. There was a sign over his door that said "Home of Obsolete Technology' His shop was 2 sections. On one side his now almost 60 year old daughter, who showed up every day in an old original 1956 Bel Air 4 door sedan rebuilt vintage auto brake boosters and the other side, which looked like Frankenstein's Laboratory, was where Mr. Strain rebuilt magnetos. He was not a car guy, although there was a mid 30's heavy duty Chevy flatbed in there, and he was not a Motorcycle guy either. He was a Magneto Guy! Many years ago I said to him...Mr. Strain, why don't you teach some young guy how to do this so it can be carried into the future and he replied, I would, but they will have to do it the same way I did it....start by pushing the broom. 20 years later he tried to get me to come in and learn it, but I am a machinist, not an electric guy. And funny enough no kids ever showed up to push his broom.So now it is just gone.

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    Thanx Danny,he was a great guy to work with.Big loss
    I sent several mag customers his direction & all thanked me for it later
    I had mentioned to Ed that he could join the AMCA & put his add there.
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    Ed rebuilt several mags for me, and although I never met him in person, we had some good conversations. He was not one of those guys who hid his work, or was secretive. Instead he was a direct, friendly guy who shared his knowledge. I enjoyed working with him, and will miss him.

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