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  1. Hi Everyone

    I am new to the forum. I live in Niagara Falls Canada, two minutes from the US boarder. I was referred to the site by Morgan. My everyday ride is 1988 Heritage. I am currently working on three other bikes. They are a 1920, 61c.i. JD Boardtracker, 1929 DL, and a 1912 Indian single cylinder 7hp boardtracker. They are now in various stages of getting assembled. I have amassed all the parts for the three bikes over the years from either Davenport IA, Rhinbeck NY, Oley PA, Wauseon OH, Jefferson PA, The last part I need is a soup-can carb for the Indian single cylinder. I can buy a repop carb from Ziggy here in Canada, but I am holding out for a reasonably priced original one to come along.

    I am currently concentrating all my efforts on the JD, I have repaired (welded and built up the cases where needed, had them powder coated, put in all new bearings, bushings, breather, etc. All the parts are new and purchased from Lonnie at (Competition Distributing) in SD. I have replaced the con rod bearings etc. I am now looking to bore out the jugs. They need a blind bore for the 0.30 over aluminum pistons I bought from CD. Does anyone have any advice on blind boring the cylinders? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance Kevin

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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the club....

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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Kevin, Why powder coat the cases? The keeps heat in.
    George Hood in CA is the man for JD engine rebuilding information.
    Chris Haynes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Haynes View Post
    Kevin, Why powder coat the cases? The keeps heat in.
    George Hood in CA is the man for JD engine rebuilding information.
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the info. There is a guy that I used to run into at the Jefferson meet. His name was Steve Lapolt. I don't have his contact info, but I remember everyone telling me he was also a JD guru. I will definitely, send George an email. I can do the rest, I just need a good machinist to do the cylinder bores.

    I kinda had to powder-coat the cases. I did a lot of welding on them. There were a few holes and the chain guard on the cases needed to be built back to its proper size and shape, there was also one motor tab that was missing and I had to rebuild that as well. It didn't look that great, so I decided to coat them. It will probably end up more of a trailer queen as I don't have any plans to race it.

    Here are some pics of the finished product. I bought this motor from Terry Marsh about 6 years ago at the Davenport meet. Like I said they were really rough.

    Tried to upload pics but no luck. I will have to email the moderator, as I am new to the forum may have some restrictions. If you are wondering, yes, I know how to upload a pic, I have a degrees in Phontics engineering and computer networking. Here are some pics of the cases etc on my website if interested:
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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Welcome Kevin! I, too, have & ride a 1988-1/2 Heritage (1/2 '88 & 1/2 '89 componets) among others. Red Glypsol is used to seal the insides of the cases. Helps oil slick off, too. Doc

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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Glad to see you made it Kevin! Lots of very knowledgeable guys here, super friendly and helpful. Then there's me. Ha. You'll have to use a third party host for the photos. I know we'd all like to see what you have in the stable.
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    Howdy sir,

    Phontics, eh, now that’s an obscure one, possibly derivative of photonics. At any rate, welcome and onto something I possibly know something about. May I humbly suggest for your 3rd party photo hosting, they are super easy to use and with even a moderate grasp of html you can also turn it into a reasonable website as well.

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    Hi Peter, Morgan

    Thanks for the info. Yes, Peter typo on the Photonics, I have the degree just cant spell. I will try using the 3rd party software. I have some pics of the HD's and Indian my website if anyone is interested. I will be loading more in the next few days. Here is a link to my site :

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    Hi Doc,

    Yes I have the Glypsol just haven't painted it on yet.

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    Hi Morgan,


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