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Thread: Hello from England

  1. Hello from England

    Hi all my name is Marek I live in England has been motorcycle enthusiast every since I remember had my first bike when I was 8 stopped riding about 7 years ago and since then I became a father my little man is almost five and has been riding on his Oset bike for 8 months now.
    In my opinion the most beautiful bikes are board track racers , being realistic it is safe to say that I will probably newer own one , but I have seen many great machinist building model engines ,even scaled down BTR and that is my reason to join this forum. I have been working on a lathe years ago, and would love to start a project in 1/3 or maybe even 1/4 scale replica of Indian 8 valve BTR.

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    Sounds like a project! Welcome. We welcome all, (most of the time). A fellow from Amsterdam scratch-built a scale Harley sidecar to match a plastic 1952 Harley he bought in a box. He was an old seafarer, and did an outstanding job.
    You'll do as well. Once you decide which bike you will model. I'm looking forward to it!
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