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    Hello Classic America Iron members ,

    Started riding when I was 19 , bought 65 BSA. Had a wreck , another car hit me from behind, Had to add a Hard Tail to the BSA , made a chopper out of it.. It was cool building the bike..
    Bough my first HD 2001 Road King , in 2011, I love to ride... I have a strong desire to Ride a Panhead.... I remember in the 70's my biker friends had the 70's bikes , some had old Knuckle heads and Panheads..

    I really want to own and ride my own Panhead..

    Member of the CBA in Concord NC , ACMA - love the Denton swap meet. Like to visit the guys at America Classic Iron Museum in Asheboro, NC. Ben's V Twin , Stallings, NC . Rick's place in Stansfield.. Matt McManus. Ken McManus

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    Re: Dougutry new meber

    Welcome to the club and good luck with your search....

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    Re: Dougutry new meber

    Dougautry, You'll notice a lot of us here in the Broken Down Old Biker Ward with similar bios. I made my living chopping Sixties Triumphs and Beezers in the Seventies, at least. One long blur. If you remember that time, you prob'ly weren't there.
    But hacksawing front downtubes to stretch necks for looong chrome springers, gastanks bondo-ed to the frame... Welcome to the ward.
    Sarge, Gerry Lyons, Fla.
    AGENT ORRNGE Survivor. So far.
    The Friendly Fire that Keeps on Burnin'.
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    "It's a 1937, and the downside is, it's out of warranty"

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