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Thread: Mix & Match Knucklehead Mutt

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    Mix & Match Knucklehead Mutt

    I recently bought a real mix and match Knucklehead - some real parts, some aftermarket. And then add the fact that it was pulled out of a barn fire all messed up.

    The previous owner put on new rubber (tires, grips, footboard pads, etc) and rewired it. He got it running, but needs a lot of fine tuning.

    My thinking is to sort it out mechanically and follow the progress in the pages of American Iron Magazine (sure hope all of you subscribe to our great magazines!) to show how to repack wheel bearings, clean and adjust the clutch, swap out the saddle, etc.

    Then I am thinking this might make a cool custom bike project. Perhaps custom pipes, remove the front fender (VL I think), stuff like that.

    I believe it is aftermarket frame and front end, and I'd not damage any genuine parts in decent shape.

    Thoughts and suggestions?
    Buzz Kanter
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    Re: Mix & Match Knucklehead Mutt

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