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Thread: Show me where you put your feet

  1. Show me where you put your feet

    I have this great 70s-era FL, and I'm most interested in running it, not restoring it.

    But I can't stand the "forward controls" that are really just foot pegs, with the clutch (left side) and brake (right side) above and *behind* the pegs. It makes it dang near impossible to feather the clutch, and my response time is WAY too slow on the brake, when I have to pick my foot up and fly it around hoping to hit the pedal.

    So ... I don't think I want floorboards with this style of ride, but I really need a way to get the control down and in front or just above the foot rests. Not interested in gong back to a hand clutch (for now) and will likely keep the mechanical rear brake, so I want something simple.

    I have access to a guy with a mill and could probably make a mount, but surely somebody has solved this problem in the 60+ years that the FL has been around?

    The bike:

  2. Re: Show me where you put your feet

    On the brake side, the pedal needs to be adjusted forward a bit via the linkage, that will put it a better position.

    Gonna be hard to feather the clutch when you are missing half the pedal regardless where the pegs are located.

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    Re: Show me where you put your feet

    You could try moving the pegs back a few inches. Thatís what I did with my Pan and I have a similar set-up on my Evo, the result being that my R-H peg now uses the rear hole in the master cylinder instead of the front hole like it used to. I use a Harley passenger footpeg and its support end is secured via a socket-head cap screw. Here it is on my swingarm Pan.

    On the other side my left footpeg now uses one of the main three bolt holes in the frame.

    Something else I did was make my own mid-mount pegs. Here's the R-H one on my Pan.

    I had the mid-mounts on my Panhead for a long time and even used them for several interstate trips. I also made a set of similar mid-mounts for my Evos, again using them on several interstate rides.

    Regarding the clutch pedal, I had one like yours for a while but itís not the best set-up. Iíve seen some bikes with a footpeg attached to the stud where the pedal goes on but I never tried that. What Iíve used for a long time on my Pan is an original H-D footshift setup that I altered to work as a clutch pedal. I removed the shifter peg and in its place I use a long 3/8Ē bolt with a Harley passenger peg rubber over it. I also made my own clutch pull rod, I shortened my clutch release lever and I made my own jockey shift lever.

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    Re: Show me where you put your feet

    Footboards are the way to go...

  5. Re: Show me where you put your feet

    I agree, floor boards are the answer. They will look fine on that style bike. My 2 cents.
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  6. Re: Show me where you put your feet

    Quote Originally Posted by Architect View Post
    I agree, floor boards are the answer. They will look fine on that style bike. My 2 cents.
    I see lots of pans with floor boards, but they all seem to be with the original tins and seating style. The shops I see have pegs - but I'm open to the idea.

    I've been looking at ChopperSwapper and some other places - where's your favorite place to look at bike pics that show more than the typical glory shot?

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    Re: Show me where you put your feet

    When I first got my 49 chopper, it had the same set-up you have. I couldn't stand the bad reaction time for useing the brake.(it only had one at the time) so I found some running boards. The boards didn't really fit the chopper theme but it sure was an improvement in the fun factor!...Mike
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    Re: Show me where you put your feet

    floor boards sure help over pegs

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    Re: Show me where you put your feet

    If you guys keep calling them Floorboards & Running boards,Chris & Robbie may give up afterall! THEY ARE FOOTBOARDS
    Floorboards & Running boards are on automobiles!

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    Re: Show me where you put your feet

    I think floorboards help a lot with dampening

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