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Thread: Nashville Road run 2019

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    Nashville Road run 2019

    *Originally Posted by*Rollo*

    Not yet but was approved in the minutes in the AMCA magazine. Dates are Sept. 14-21 2019. It's a little longer than normal. Since it is still a year out they are still in the planning stages. But it is approved and will happen.

    We were talking about this a while back but I just looked on the amca website and it is saying that is September 4th 5th and 6th. This that in stone?? Just trying to schedule vacation at work. I will try calling that number also..

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    Re: Nashville Road run 2019

    Might have changed but it was in the AMCA mag as the dates I showed in the meeting minutes. Still waiting on AMCA calendars to ship to verify. Already done with the registration for the Kerrville Texas run.


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    Re: Nashville Road run 2019

    New AMCA magazine has Sept 4-6 as the dates so guess it changed but you should be able to make plans based on the new dates. Might have been venue issues or something else that caused changes.


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    Re: Nashville Road run 2019

    Music City Road Run 2019

    The correct dates are Sept 4-6. Registration and opening banquet will be on Tuesday Sept 3 and we will ride on for three days with the closing banquet on Friday night. Registration is now open on the AMCA website and we have 16 people signed up so far. Hotel in Lebanon, TN is confirmed but we are waiting on some details for the block of rooms. Info should be nailed down be early next week. There will also be a massive campground at the Wilson County Exposition Center where the dinners and registration will be held. More details to follow.
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