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Thread: Discovery adventure

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    Re: Discovery adventure

    16 to 18 hours driving! Books on tape? Radio? Singing out loud?
    Pisten Bully,

    I do spend a lot of time singing, especially when riding long distance on two wheels. , but also when walking my dogs in the morning if my wife isn't with me. It keeps the dogs entertained! I also often design and build remodel projects in my mind while traveling alone that way. You know, locate cabinets, lay out tile, design door and window trim, etc.
    But plenty of XM time this trip too.

    The trip was about 14 hours, long stretches of interstate at 85-90 cuts the time down. I left at 6:00 AM and was home by just after 8:00 PM.
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    Re: Discovery adventure

    Good you made the trip safely, sometimes it is good to "get away" for a few hours.


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