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Thread: OEM spokes

  1. OEM spokes

    Looking for two sets of OEM HD spokes to fit a star hub and 18" rim.
    Have two sets of OEM HD spokes to fit star hub and 16" rim
    My spokes are nice with original cad plating, no rust, would like same only for 18" rims.
    also have a nice set OEM HD spokes maybe for conical hub?
    Please call or text. Bob 970-209-6472 Thanks

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    Re: OEM spokes

    These are going to be nearly impossible to find in 18”. And so are the nipples.

    What’s your reason for original? Your trying to match an original patina?

    I have found 16” cad in original patina. But none in 18”. J w boone in Holland has OEM parkerized 18” that I had Toms nos parts get for me but then trying to find all the nipples was a PITA .

    If your doing an Restoration go with the bead blasted or cad plated stainless Buchanan. Otherwise I wish you luck on OEM cad original patina. I’ve looked a long time.
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    Re: OEM spokes

    I ordered a couple of sets of cad 18" spokes from David Sarafan in Florida a few years back.

  4. Re: OEM spokes

    I have nipples, and 5 or 6 sets plus spares for 16" but only one set factory spokes for 18" but they are chrome, and chrome shops around here have been ruining my parts lately. I would just prefer OEM spokes. Thank you for the leads.

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