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Thread: Sidecar Manual Help.

  1. Sidecar Manual Help.

    Does anyone know where I can buy or download an LE sidecar manual? I can't seem to find any literature. Thanks!

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    Re: Sidecar Manual Help.

    parts book & service manual is all there is

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    Re: Sidecar Manual Help.

    Nick, PM me your email. I'll send the pdf's to you.

    You too Duffy, if you want them/
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    Re: Sidecar Manual Help.
    Tons of free manual downloads

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    Re: Sidecar Manual Help.

    Night Train,,,thanx a bunch, but I've never needed one

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    Re: Sidecar Manual Help.

    There was a small pamphlet available in the later 70s that addressed sidecar mounting, and operation. I'd imagine it's long obsolete, though...

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    Re: Sidecar Manual Help.

    Anyone else just pm me your email addy. Happy to share them.
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